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Consumer Protection
Guide / handbook
14 Oct 2021
October is Safe Work Month, it is easy to join us in promoting safety in your workplace. Be a safety champion throughout October by: Using our campaign kit to promote safety in your workplace;...
17 Aug 2022
Information for repairers about the amendments to regulations under the Motor Vehicle Repairers Act 2003 On 25 September 2021, changes were made to the Motor Vehicle Repairers Regulations 2007. Most...
Consumer Protection
04 Oct 2021
Changes to prescribed classes of repair work under the Motor Vehicle Repairers Act 2003 and Motor Vehicle Repairers Regulations 2007 From 25 September 2021, the classes listed below are no longer...
Consumer Protection
24 Sep 2021
Changes to pre-estimated liquidated damages From 1 January 2022, the maximum amount of pre-estimated liquidated damages that a dealer may charge is five per cent. Information for dealers about the...
Consumer Protection
04 Jan 2022
Scammers are smart, crooked and don’t care who they hurt. Lots of people get tricked into handing over their money or personal information to scammers. Scams can be found in many different places for example websites, emails, phone calls, text messages, apps, social media and even a person. In 2020...
Aboriginal consumers
In February 2020, a haul truck arrived at a workshop for maintenance with no tyres fitted in position 4 or 5. The position 6 tyre casing blew out 15 days later. Four workers were working on the haul...
30 Aug 2021
Best solution to a work health and safety risk (199 employees or less) - AMCAPBest solution to a work health and safety risk (199 employees or less) - AMCAPBest solution to a work health and safety risk (199 employees or less) - AMCAPBest solution to a work health and safety risk (199 employees or...
Work Safety Awards
This webpage provides general guidance on the Dividing Fences Act 1961 (the Act) and its interaction with local government by-laws in relation to the construction and maintenance of dividing fences in Western Australia. The Act provides a process for sharing costs between neighbours, the...
Dividing fences
New valves on LPG cylinders From 1 April 2021 LP Gas cylinders with new valves are being phased in. When you next exchange your BBQ or outdoor gas appliance LP Gas cylinder after 1 April 2021, you may receive a cylinder with the new valve. You won’t need to replace your BBQ or outdoor gas appliance...
Gas installations


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