Always choose a licensed motor vehicle repairer
Always choose a licensed motor vehicle repairer, by Consumer Protection
Look for the tick – there’s a lot riding on it! You wouldn’t trust your teeth to a backyard dentist, so don’t trust your car to a backyard repairer. Backyard or bush mechanics operate in WA and even though Consumer Protection aims to identify them and stop...
Servicing, repair and towing
Your house, My home: Rethinking renting in WA Consultation status: CLOSED Submissions closed at 5pm on 30 June 2020 . Did you know that it has been more than 10 years since the rental laws in Western Australia have been reviewed? With the high cost of owning a home, more Western Australians than...
The Work Health and Safety Excellence Awards were held at Optus Stadium on 2 October 2019. This year 69 submissions were received with 33 companies recognised as finalists. Eight companies were recognised with a winner’s trophy and 10 companies received a certificate of merit. An outline of all...
Work Safety Awards
Renters affected by family and domestic violence (FDV) can now: Go Exit a tenancy agreement without going to court, with as little as 7 days’ notice. S tay Remove a perpetrator’s name from a lease by...
Consumer Protection
18 Jun 2019
Electric shocks from taps, pipes or appliances are warning signs that something could be wrong with the electrical wiring or applainces.
Reporting accidents
This information addresses common construction issues identified through ongoing building audits as well as concerns and queries raised by various stakeholders in the Western Australian building industry. It also addresses concerns that the current Building Code of Australia and referenced...
Technical compliance
Quick close this page To close this window immediately, press Ctrl +W on a keyboard or use the close tab option on a mobile device. For information about how to browse incognito and/or erase your history, see Tenancy reforms for renters affected by family and domestic violence...
Safe tenancy
Safe Tenancy WA - family and domestic violence changes to renting laws Advice for landlords in Western Australia Rental laws in Western Australia (WA) have previously restricted tenants affected by...
Consumer Protection
Fact sheet
15 Apr 2019
In March 2019, a truck mounted concrete pump with boom (TMCPWB) collapsed on to an operator. The injured person had his leg pinned by the boom, causing leg injuries. Possible contributing factors in...
18 Mar 2019
Tremolite asbestos has been identified in the ceramic centre of some Bunsen burner gauze mats in New Zealand and the UK, and preliminary testing has indicated that this may be an issue in gauze mats...
06 Dec 2018


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