The guide helps AssociationsOnline users manage their account including updating their personal details and password. Manage my account Click on the Manage my account button. On the Manage my account...
Consumer Protection
Guide / handbook
27 Jul 2017
The guide helps AssociationsOnline users navigate through the welcome screen, enrolment, login and search for associations. To enrol in the system simply: Go to AssociationsOnline Click "Enrol" Enter...
Consumer Protection
Guide / handbook
15 Feb 2018
This is a range of promotional material showing simple tips to check your second-hand cot is safe for baby.
Cot safety - poster
Cot safety - poster, by Consumer Protection - Product safety
Cot Safety Tips to check if your second-hand cot is...
Consumer Protection
29 Apr 2016
Did you know, you can purchase or be given a second-hand cot that does not meet current safety standards ? Product Safety Australia issues the mandatory standards for cots to help prevent accidents. Second-hand cots have been associated with fatal injuries in children under 12 months old. Young...
Product safety for consumers
AssociationsOnline is an online portal for incorporated associations to submit applications and manage their contact information 24/7. A ll previous users of the old system (users enrolled before 1 July 2016) and new users will need to enrol / create a new login and password. Users will be to begin...
INC Guide and Associations Online
Two Building Summits held on 8 August 2016 and 2 February 2016 provided opportunities for the Western Australian building industry and local and State government agencies to identify new red tape reductions and ways to streamline regulatory requirements for the construction of new homes,...
Events and seminars
A person responsible for building or demolition work must ensure that the work does not affect land beyond the boundaries of the works land. However there may be the potential for this to occur in certain circumstances, for example where work is on small sized lots or where construction is close to...
A guide to the building approvals process in WA
Types of permits and their processes One: Building permit Two: Occupancy permit Three: Building approval certificate Four: Occupancy permit strata Five: Building approval certificate strata Six: Demolition permit One Building permit
page24.jpg, by ebleakley
In general a building permit...
A guide to the building approvals process in WA
General sequence chart
Building approvals process page 22
Building approvals process page 22, by ebleakley
Building approvals process page 22 Note: for uncertified applications, the certificate of design compliance is obtained by the relevant permit authority after the application is submitted. Typical building approval sequence – Class 1 and...
A guide to the building approvals process in WA
There are over 3,000 trampoline-related injuries reported each year in Australia, making them some of the most reported product-related injuries to children in Australia. This equates to at least eight people a day being injured on a trampoline. Injuries include bone fractures, superficial...
Product safety for consumers


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