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wa_image_small.jpg This information is only relevant to employers and employees in the WA state industrial relations system

  • Many employees in the state industrial relations system are covered by WA awards. WA awards are legal documents that set the legal minimum pay rates and other working arrangements for employees in a particular industry or occupation.
  • This page has easy-to-read summaries of the most widely used WA awards. They are a summary of the award only and do not include all conditions in the WA award.
  • Full copies of all WA awards are available on the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission website.

Understanding WA awards

Visit the Understanding WA awards page to watch the Understanding WA awards video and get information what WA awards are and why employers must comply with the provisions contained in any WA award.

You can check whether a WA award applies by visiting the WA awards for common jobs page, or by calling Wageline on 1300 655 266. Employees who work for a larger business or organisation, should also check whether an industrial agreement applies, which can be done by checking with the human resources or payroll area where you are employed.

About Wageline's WA award summaries

  • In the state system, many employees are covered by a WA award. WA awards are legal documents that outline legal pay rates, allowances, working hours, and leave entitlements for employees in a particular industry or type of work. 
  • If an employee is covered by a WA award, the pay rates, leave entitlements, allowances and penalty rates (such as higher pay for working on the weekend or a public holiday) outlined in the WA award must be provided to the employee, and it is unlawful to provide pay rates or leave conditions below the WA award provisions. 
  • Each WA award summary provides information on page 2 on what industries and occupations the WA award covers, however award coverage is a complex issue. If you are unsure if a WA award applies to you or your business, visit the WA awards for common jobs page or contact Wageline to assist in determining likely award coverage. 
  • Wageline's WA award summaries provide pay rates and an overview of employment conditions (such as hours of work, penalty rates, overtime rates and leave provisions) for key WA awards.
  • Visit the Minimum pay rates for award free employees page for pay rates and employment conditions if the employee is award free. 
  • The WA award summaries below include pay rates effective from the first pay period on or after 1 July 2024

WA award summaries

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