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WA image icon This information is only relevant to employers and employees in the WA state industrial relations system.

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  • This page outlines the legal minimum pay rates for adult and junior employees who are 'award free' in the state industrial relations system. Award free means that the employee is not covered by a WA award. 
  • An award free employee is entitled to the minimum rate of pay and the leave entitlements under the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993. Wageline's Award free minimum pay rates and entitlements summary details minimum entitlements for award free employees. 
  • In the state system, many employees are covered by a WA award. WA awards are legal documents that outline legal pay rates, allowances, working hours, and leave entitlements for employees in a particular industry or type of work. 
  • If you are unsure if a WA award applies to you or your business, visit the WA awards for common jobs page or contact Wageline to assist in determining likely WA award coverage. 

Please note - on 16 June 2023 the WA Industrial Relations Commission issued a decision increasing the minimum rates of pay from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2023. The details of the decision are on the State Wage Case decision page and the rates on this page have been updated to reflect the new rates.

Minimum pay rates for award free employees 

  • The adult and junior minimum rates are outlined in the tables below.
  • The minimum pay rates for award free apprentices are on the Pay rates for apprentices page and the minimum pay rates for award free registered trainees are on the Pay rates for trainees page. 
  • The minimum weekly rate of pay is for a 38 hour week and the minimum hourly rate applies to all hours worked above 38 each week. Award free employees do not have a minimum entitlement to be paid a higher rate of pay for hours worked above 38 each week or for work on weekends or public holidays or for shift work.

Minimum pay rates for award free employees who are not apprentices or trainees - effective 1 July 2023

Age Full time weekly 
rate (38 hours)
Hourly rate Casual hourly rate
(includes 20% loading)
(21 years or older)
$863.40 $22.72 $27.27
20 years $777.10 $20.45 $24.54
19 years $690.80 $18.18 $21.81
18 years $604.40 $15.91 $19.09
17 years $518.10 $13.63 $16.36
16 years $431.70 $11.36 $13.63
<16 years $345.40 $9.09 $10.91

If you are seeking to make a complaint about underpayment of state minimum rates of pay, visit the Making a complaint about underpayments page for information and Wageline's online complaint form.

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