Complaint form for Incorporated Associations and Charitable Collections

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This complaint form only applies to potential breaches of the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 and the Charitable Collections Act 1946. Consumer Protection will not generally intervene in internal disputes or concerns relating to a breach of an organisation’s rules or constitution.

Important:  It is not Consumer Protection’s role to resolve internal membership disputes concerning the application of the rules of association that are outside the requirements of the Act. Associations must deal with such matters using the internal grievance procedures in the rules. If an association is unable to resolve the dispute using its own internal processes some matters may be considered by the State Administrative Tribunal.

Examples of matters which need to be dealt with by members include the admission or expulsion of members, renewal of memberships, the conduct of committee meetings and the inspection of records other than those referred to under the Act (being the register of members, rules and list of office bearers).


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