Look for the tick – there’s a lot riding on it!

Always choose a licensed motor vehicle repairer
Always choose a licensed motor vehicle repairer, by Consumer Protection

Look for the tick – there’s a lot riding on it! 

You wouldn’t trust your teeth to a backyard dentist, so don’t trust your car to a backyard repairer. 

Backyard or bush mechanics operate in WA and even though Consumer Protection aims to identify them and stop them, the community can help by always choosing licensed repairers, to protect themselves and their vehicles.

Your car is one of your biggest assets, so why trust it to an unqualified mechanic? If they don’t do the job properly you are putting yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk.

When you select one of WA’s 4,400 licensed repairer businesses that employ more than 15,700 certified individuals, you know they have been vetted and declared fit and proper and this means you should be guaranteed a high standard of work with warranties available.

To find out if your motor vehicle repairer is licensed in WA online licence search or Look for the tick!

Licensed Motor Vehicle Repairer Tick
Licensed Motor Vehicle Repairer Tick, by Consumer Protection

Dob in a dodgy repairer

If you find a “dodgy repairer” operating without the appropriate licence, help keep WA safe by reporting unlicensed motor vehicle repairers.

Email consumer@dmirs.wa.gov.au or call 1300 304 054.

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