Use a licensed gas fitter

Make sure you use a licensed gas fitter whenever you have gasfitting work done.  

Gasfitting is a skilled technical trade requiring extensive training to become competent. Gasfitting not completed to the required standards is a serious safety hazard. In Western Australia, only licensed gas fitters can perform gasfitting work.

Always use a licensed gas fitter for installations, repairs or renovations involving gas work. This not only applies to jobs like installing hot water systems and heaters, but also where renovations might involve disconnection or relocation of gas appliances. Do not be tempted to do gas work yourself, or to use an unlicensed gas fitter.

Notice of Completion and compliance badge

After installing and commissioning a gas appliance, the licensed gas fitter must give you a copy of the Notice of Completion (NOC) and fix a compliance badge to the installation. The NOC contains a declaration by the gas fitter that the installation complies with all statutory requirements. This protects you if any problems arise later as a result of a faulty installation. In the case of a faulty installation, the gas fitter will be required to come back and fix the defect.

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