Advice when contacting a pet seller

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Advice when contacting a pet seller

  • Always call first to try and resolve dispute privately.
    • Be clear about specific details surrounding the issue.
    • Be clear about how you would like to resolve the issue.
    • Request direct email address.
  • If able to negotiate an acceptable solution, send an informal email confirming details and timelines.
  • If telephone negotiations are unsuccessful, send formal email (sample below) explaining that you are prepared to upscale the issue to Consumer Protection.
    • Include copy only of invoices, previous correspondence or any other documents to support your case.

Sample text for email or letter to pet seller

insert personal information where required


Your name
and address

Date sending correspondence

Name of person you bought pet from or ‘The Manager’
Company Name
Street address
Suburb State Postcode

Complaint: (short description of complaint i.e Purchase of pet with health issues)

Date purchased:


Purchase price:

Special conditions:

(In your own words provide as much detail as possible about when you realised there was a problem and what the problem is.)

Under Australian Consumer Law, pet buyers are protected before, during and after the point of sale. A pet breeder or seller must provide the type of pet requested and paid for. Consumer guarantees also ensure the pet is delivered healthy, free of defects or illness.

My purchase does not meet ACL guarantees and I am including copies of relevant documents in support of my complaint.

To address my complaint I would like you to (explain what you would like want such as full or partial refund, keeping your pet, new pet, payment of vet bills etc.).

I hope this issue can be resolved between us as quickly as possible, however if unable to find a solution in a timely manner, I will refer my complaint to Consumer Protection WA for its intervention.

Please feel free to contact me via phone (insert number) or email (insert address).

Thank you, I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely

(Your name)


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Last updated 14 Dec 2022

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