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The Charitable Collections Licence - Annual Statement has replaced the Charitable Collections - Income and Expenditure Statement

Who needs to use this

All charities licenced in Western Australia must submit an Annual Statement to the Department, including audited accounts and the Auditor’s Report.


  • Type directly into the form electronically before printing and signing it or hand print neatly using an ink pen in BLOCK LETTERS;
  • click/select where appropriate and complete all sections of the form;
  • Attach a copy of the audited accounts and the signed Auditor’s Report;
  • Complete and attach a PEO Declaration form - if new Principal Executive Officers (PEOs) have been appointed; and 
  • A National Police Clearance (no more than 6 months old) - required for all new Principal Executive Officers.

Important Notice

Pursuant to Section 15(1) of the Charitable Collections Act 1946, it is a condition of your licence that your Annual Statement and Auditor’s Report be lodged within 6 months of the end of the relevant financial year applicable to your organisation.

If you have not lodged the required documents by the due date, you may not make any further charitable collections from that date until such time as you have lodged your Annual Statement, audited accounts and Auditor’s Report.

Failure to lodge your Annual Statement, audited accounts and Auditor’s Report may also result in the revocation of your licence.

Lodging your form

Forms may be lodged by email to:

The charities forms and publications page contains further details on:

  • lodging forms and applications
  • additional Charities forms and
  • how to contact us
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