Application to appoint an auditor for motor vehicle dealers selling on consignment

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Changes to licensing of motor vehicle consignment sales in WA

A review into the regulation of consignment sales under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act 1973 (WA) has resulted in proposed changes. To find out more about these changes, please read the Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (DRIS) on the reform of the regulation of motor vehicle consignment sales.

Dealers are required to appoint a Registered Company Auditor, approved by the Commissioner, at the time of opening a Consignment Trust Account and notify the Commissioner of the Auditors details.

If you are motor vehicle dealer and have opened a trust account, please email us with details of your auditor and attach the form.

How to lodge this application

  • Complete all sections of the application form
  • Lodge the form by:
Consumer Protection
Form – application
Last updated 29 Apr 2022

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