Application for an asbestos removal licence Class A

A Class A asbestos licence is required in Western Australia for work involving the removal of friable asbestos-containing material. Only a Class A Asbestos licence holder or an employee of a licence holder may carry out this type of work.

How to submit your application for a Class A asbestos removal licence

Once you have completed the application form and have all of your supporting documents ready, you can lodge your application in one of three ways: 


Apply for an asbestos removal licence Class A

Click on the link below to if you wish to lodge your application online.

IMPORTANT: Do not attach images or copies of credit or bank cards when applying online

Apply and pay for your application

By post or in person

If you are submitting your application by post (or in person) and are making payment by credit card, you must also complete the Application payment form and attach it to your application.

Applications received without payment cannot be accepted.


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Last updated 01 Feb 2024

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