Application for a real estate and business agent licence and triennial certificate

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Application for a real estate and business agent's licence - individual last updated December 2020.

Who needs to apply for a licence

Any individualspartnerships or companies wishing to operate as real estate or business agents in Western Australia are required, under the Real Estate and Business Agents Act 1978, to be licensed and hold a current triennial certificate.

What do I need to complete an application

To apply for a licence you must complete the application form and provide all relevant supporting documentation as follows:

  • complete all of the relevant sections of the application form
  • attach/pay the correct fee
  • An original or certified copy of an Australian police check (not more than three months old) 
  • Two references on the templates provided
  • Statement of experience (curriculum vitae and list of transactions)* 
  • Certificate of completion for educational qualifications 
  • sign the authorisation and declaration 

*The Real Estate and Business Agents Act 1978 prescribes that a person applying for a licence has ‘sufficient practical experience’. Your experience will be assessed on the duties you have performed taking into account the volume, nature, type, recentness and complexity of transactions negotiated.

Re-applying for a licence

If your real estate and business agent licence has expired (because you left the industry and/or did not pay the holding fee in accordance with the Regulations to retain the licence) and you wish to re-apply, you can qualify by providing evidence that you have held a licence within the previous five years and traded for at least two of those years.

Lodging your application

The application fee/s is payable at the time of lodging this application.

The fees and forms page contains further details about:

  • how to lodge your application;
  • relevant fees; 
  • other licensing forms; and 
  • how to contact us.
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