Appointment of proxy - Park liaison committee

This form can be used to appoint a proxy to attend a meeting to vote on the establishment of a park liaison committee. You can copy and paste this content to create your own form. 


(insert name/s)

the tenant/s of

(insert site number and name of caravan or residential park)


(insert name of proxy holder)


(insert address of proxy holder)


as my proxy to vote whether or not to establish a park liaison committee

at the meeting of long-stay tenants on:

                                                                                                            (insert date of meeting)


(signature of long-stay tenant/s)




This form cannot be used to appoint a park operator, representative or close associate of the park operator as proxy.

This form is to be given to the chairperson before the vote is held.

This form is a suggested form only and is not required to be used.

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Last updated 03 Feb 2022

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