Apprentice safety assessment guidelines

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This booklet covers, in general terms, basic electrical safety practices. It has been provided as a guide to employers and apprentices to ensure apprentices have sufficient basic trade safety knowledge prior to being granted an electrician’s training licence.

This booklet will also form part of the apprentice’s reference material during his/her apprenticeship.

Every apprentice entering the electrical industry must be aware of the dangers involved in working with electricity.

Electricity - the danger is real

Safe working practices and procedures for the protection of an electrical apprentice are an integral part of the electrical trade and must be the first skills learned.

The importance of electrical safety is recognised by the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991:

Regulation 22(3): “A licence endorsed as an electrician’s training licence shall not be issued to a person unless the Board is satisfied that the person has been assessed as satisfactory in relation to safety in the manner approved by the Board”.

The Electrical Licensing Board has produced this electrical safety guide to help in the assessment of prospective electrical apprentices. 

The assessment is usually conducted in the form of an interview and an assessment test.

Note: This booklet uses the term “apprentice” even though he or she may not have entered into a formal apprenticeship.

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Last updated 20 May 2014

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