Approved electrical appliances register

Register of approved electrical appliances

This register, published by the Director of Energy Safety in accordance with regulation 337(1)(b) of the Electricity Regulations 1947, identifies those electrical appliances that have been approved by the Director for sale or hire, or that may be made available for sale or hire, or that may be advertised for sale or hire under section 33B(1A) of the Electricity Act 1945.

Register of approved electrical appliances

Appliances that have been approved by the Director of Energy Safety

Ref  Description of approved electrical appliances
1 Ozomatic ozone generator for water disinfection - models MOG 15, 20, 60 and 120; manufactured by Davey Water Products Ply Ltd, 6 Lakeview Drive, Scoresby, Victoria. Certificate of Approval W2390 last issued on 22 April 2013.


Appliances deemed to have been approved by the Director of Energy Safety under the Mutual Recognition (Western Australia) Act

Ref  Appliances  approved  for sale  under the Uniform Approvals Scheme
1 Those electrical appliances approved by the persons described in Table 1 of the Electricity (Recognised Persons and Marks) Notice 2016 as published in the Government Gazette No. 42 dated 18 March 2016 at pages 748 and 749.


Appliances prohibited from sale in Western Australia

Ref  Appliances  prohibited from sale
1 Television receivers that were first sold to the public in Australia or New Zealand prior to 1 July 1997.
2 Direct current to alternating current inverters with at least one outlet point consisting of, or including, bare metal pins that are live when the inverter is operating.
3 Those electrical appliances that are subject to a recall notice published on the Commonwealth Government's website



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