[Archived] - Regulation Impact Statement - Harmonised Work Health and Safety Laws

This information is no longer current and is available on the website for historical purposes only.

At the time the model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations were developed a national Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) was developed by Safe Work Australia.  An examination of that RIS showed that it did not contain sufficient Western Australian specific content to demonstrate that there were sufficient benefits to be delivered by the model WHS Regulations to offset any costs that would be associated with the adoption of those laws.

Consequently a Western Australian specific RIS process on the model WHS Regulations was undertaken by independent consulting firm Marsden Jacob Associates.  The outcome of that process was the preparation of a WA RIS constituted by a main report and associated supporting documents which are available for download below.  Those documents were prepared based on public feedback which was obtain from a range of mechanisms – online surveys, focus group discussions and written submissions.  The written submissions are also available for download. 

When making submissions the contributors were asked whether they were prepared to have their submission made public.  A full list of contributors is provided below with access available to the submissions that were marked for public release.


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