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Urgent Samsung top loader washing machine safety recall

Samsung top loader washing machines which have been recalled remain in WA homes, potentially creating a serious fire hazard that puts lives at risk.

Check your machine

If you have a Samsung top loader, check the model number to make sure it’s not a recalled machine. If you know someone with a Samsung top loader washing machine, please forward them this information and encourage them to check their model number. To find the model number, look on the back of the machine, above the barcode as seen in the attached flyers.

Recalled top loader models

The models subject to the recall were manufactured between 2010 and 2013. People may have bought one new from the shops 7-10 years ago, or second hand since. The recalled model numbers are:


If your machine is a recalled model

Affected consumers should stop use immediately, disconnect the machine completely and contact Samsung as a priority. The machines should not be re-sold or placed on the verge for bulk rubbish collection, as other people may not realise that they are dangerous.

As this is regarded as a major fault, repair is not an option so consumers should get their money back and arrange to have the recalled washing machine collected by the supplier, who will dispose of it.

Consumers may also be entitled to recover damages from the manufacturer for consequential loss or damage suffered as a result of a faulty product.

Further information

Consumers who have any problems securing a refund, or having the Samsung machine collected, should contact Consumer Protection by email or on 1300 304 054.

For any information about product recalls, see the Product Safety Australia website.

For further information about the Samsung washing machine recall, call Samsung on 1800 239 655.

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Last updated 03 Sep 2020

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