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07 October 2019

BondsOnline has been improved

Notice anything different in BondsOnline this week? A major update has been deployed with some important changes.

Agent-to-agent bond transfers

We’re pleased to announce one of the most requested features for BondsOnline is now here. Agent-to-agent variations can now be lodged completely online. Here’s how it works:

  1. The new managing agent initiates the variation through the Bond Transfer tab on the Home page in BondsOnline.  They search for the bond using the bond reference number and the surname or organisation name of the tenant or owner. If the correct bond record is found, the new managing agent clicks ‘Request Transfer’.
  2. The previous agent receives an email asking them to approve or decline the transfer request. A user with Payment Approval access can then approve or decline the request from the Bond Transfer screen, located under the Payment and Transfer Approvals tab.
  3. If the previous agent approves the transfer, Bonds Administration will automatically update the managing agent on the bond. All parties will be notified of the outcome by email.

Monthly Bonds Report

From 1st November, the way you access your Monthly Bonds Report will change. In order to better protect the personal information of your tenants and clients, your Monthly Bonds Report will no longer be sent by email. Instead the reports will be available for download from the BondsOnline portal from the first of each month.

As always, you can find your Monthly Bonds Report from the Reporting tab in BondsOnline. If you usually get the Monthly Bond Report in your inbox, you will receive an email on 1 November 2019 with detailed instructions on how to retrieve the report from BondsOnline.

User Account Administrator report

As part of our continued commitment to your data security, your agency’s Account Administrator will now receive a periodic report of the agency’s active BondsOnline users. This is to help you identify and remember to delete unused accounts which can pose a security risk.

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