Carcinogens regulated in Schedules 5.4 - 5.6 of the OSH Regulations 1996

Certain carcinogenic substances are specifically controlled under OSH Regulations 5.28-5.42 and Schedules 5.4-5.6. These regulations include requirements for use of the carcinogens to be approved by the WorkSafe Commissioner, record keeping, reporting of exposure incidents, and provision of information to people who may be exposed to these carcinogens. Apply to use a scheduled carcinogen using this form or contact WorkSafe for further information

Not all carcinogens are regulated in this way. Check the MSDS and label of chemicals for cancer warnings.

For asbestos (schedule 5.6 carcinogens), in situ asbestos (ie asbestos materials in place prior to the asbestos ban in 2003) does not require approval. Use of asbestos for research or analysis does require approval. Other uses, except removal and disposal, are prohibited.

More information on management and removal of asbestos 

The scheduled carcinogens are listed below.

Note:  The number in square brackets is the substance’s unique chemical abstract number.

Schedule 5.4 — Carcinogenic substances to be used only for research or analysis

  • 2‑Acetylaminofluorene [53‑96‑3]
  • Aflatoxins
  • 4‑Aminodiphenyl [92‑67‑1]
  • Benzidine [92‑87‑5] and its salts (including benzidine dihydrochloride [531‑85‑1])
  • bis(chloromethyl) ether [542‑88‑1]
  • Chloromethyl methyl ether [107‑30‑2] (technical grade containing bis(chloromethyl) ether)
  • 4‑Dimethylaminoazobenzene [60‑11‑7]
  • 2‑Naphthylamine [91‑59‑8] and its salts
  • 4‑Nitrodiphenyl [92‑93‑3]

Schedule 5.5 — Carcinogenic substances to be used only for purposes approved by the Commissioner

  • Acrylonitrile [107‑13‑1]
  • Benzene [71‑43‑2] when used as a feedstock and containing more than 50% of benzene by volume
  • Cyclophosphamide [50‑18‑0] (cytotoxic drug) when used in preparation for therapeutic use in hospitals and oncological treatment facilities and in manufacturing operations
  • 3,3‑Dichlorobenzidine [91‑94‑1] and its salts (including 3,3‑dichlorobenzidine dihydrochloride [612‑83‑9]
  • Diethyl sulfate [64‑67‑5]
  • Dimethyl sulfate [77‑78‑1]
  • Ethylene dibromide [106‑93‑4] when used as a fumigant
  • 4,4’‑Methylene bis(2‑chloroaniline) [101‑14‑4]‑MOCA
  • Beta‑Propiolactone [57‑57‑8] (2‑propiolactone)
  • o‑Toluidine [95‑53‑4] and o‑Toluidine hydrochloride [636‑21‑5]
  • Vinyl chloride monomer [75‑01‑4]

Schedule 5.6 — Carcinogenic substances — asbestos

  • Actinolite asbestos [77536‑66‑5]
  • Amosite [12172‑73‑5] (brown asbestos)
  • Anthophyllite asbestos [77536‑67‑5]
  • Crocidolite [12001‑28‑4] (blue asbestos)
  • Chrysotile [12001‑29‑5] (white asbestos)
  • Tremolite asbestos [77536‑68‑6]


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