Change of circumstances (for charitable collections licence holders)

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Form last updated 30 July 2020

Who needs to use this

This form should be used to notify the Commissioner for Consumer Protection (Commissioner) of any changes to a charitable collections licence holder’s address, executive officers, name, corporate structure and/or auditor or reviewer information.


  • Complete the relevant section(s) of the form below to notify the Commissioner (via Consumer Protection) of the changes to the licence holders' details. It may not be necessary to complete every section of the form.
  • Type directly into this form electronically before printing and signing it or hand print neatly using an ink pen in block letters. 
  • Tick where appropriate and attach additional pages if space in this form is insufficient. 

Lodging your form

The charities forms and publications page contains further details on:

  • how to lodge this form
  • additional Charities forms and
  • how to contact us
Consumer Protection
Form – notification
Last updated 30 Jul 2020

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