Christmas trading hours - metropolitan Perth

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WA consumers can take advantage of the extra shopping hours which start on Saturday, December 5. Non-metropolitan trading hours are available on Regional Christmas trading hours page. 

Metropolitan Perth Christmas trading hours
Day Trading hours
Saturday, 5 December 8am-6pm 
Sunday, 6 December 8am-6pm 
Monday, 7 December 8am-9pm (Normal trading)
Tuesday, 8 December 8am-9pm (Normal trading)
Wednesday, 9 December 8am-9pm (Normal trading)
Thursday, 10 December 8am-9pm (Normal trading)
Friday, 11 December 8am-9pm (Normal trading)
Saturday, 12 December 8am-6pm 
Sunday, 13 December 8am-6pm 
Monday, 14 December 7am-9pm 
Tuesday, 15 December 7am-9pm 
Wednesday, 16 December 7am-9pm 
Thursday, 17 December 7am-9pm 
Friday, 18 December 7am-9pm 
Saturday, 19 December 8am-6pm 
Sunday, 20 December 8am-6pm 
Monday, 21 December 7am-9pm 
Tuesday, 22 December 7am-9pm 
Wednesday, 23 December 7am-9pm 
Thursday, 24 December 7am-9pm 
Friday, 25 December (Christmas Day public holiday) CLOSED
Saturday, 26 December (Boxing Day) 8am-6pm 
Sunday, 27 December 8am-6pm 
Monday, 28 December (Boxing Day public holiday)  8am-6pm 
Tuesday, 29 December (Normal trading) 8am-9pm 
Wednesday, 30 December (Normal trading) 8am-9pm 
Thursday, 31 December (Normal trading) 8am-9pm 
Friday, 1 January (New Year’s Day public holiday) 8am-6pm 

Saturday, 2 January

(Normal trading hours resume, except for Australia Day)

Tuesday, 26 January (Australia Day public holiday) 8am-6pm 
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Last updated 16 Oct 2020

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