Class I gasfitting permit application

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This application form is used to apply for a Class I gasfitting permit.

The state’s obtaining a Class I gasfitting permit policy review is complete and the new requirements came into effect from 1 March 2023. If an applicant holds a valid Class I(a) gasfitting permit restricted to work under supervision and has commenced working under supervision to gain practical experience, the applicant can be assessed against the superseded policy.

Overview of key improvements

  • A new Restricted Electrical Licensing (REL) policy framework for a Class I gasfitting permit holder has been approved by the Electrical Licensing Board (ELB). For any electrical work confined to the disconnect and reconnect of a Type B gas appliance, the applicant will require an additional restricted electrical licence as determined by the ELB.
  • New requirement – applicants are now required to complete relevant sections of the On-the-job Training Record Log Book for a Class I Gasfitting Permit (above) to demonstrate adequate practical knowledge while working under supervision.
  • Clarification of different pathways to obtain the gasfitting permit depending on the scope of gasfitting work, such as:
    -   Pathway one – Install and commission Type B gas appliances;
    -   Pathway two – Service Type B gas appliances; and
    -   Pathway three – Install, commission and service Type B gas appliances.

Please refer to the relevant Obtaining a Class I Gasfitting Permit fact sheet (above) for further information.

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