Co-operative form 12 - Application for extension or abridgement of time

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Co-operatives use this form to apply to the Registrar of Co-operatives to extend or abridge (shorten) a time limit for doing anything required under Co-operatives Act 2009 (the Act) or by the co-operatives rules.

NOTE: If an extension is required for more than one purpose, separate applications must be made.

What do I need to complete the form

To submit the return you, must lodge a complete form. This means you must:

  • Complete the relevant sections of the correct application form.
  • Attach/pay the correct fee. This is payable at the time of lodging the application.
  • Sign the declaration section of the form.
  • Make sure the form is complete and you have provided all relevant supporting documents. 

Supporting documentation

You will need to provide detailed reasons to explain why extension or abridgement is required.  You can attach any supporting documentation or evidence you consider relevant to the form. 

How to submit

You can lodge the form in one of three ways:

How to lodge a form


By Post

In-person (including payments)

Lodge and pay for your form

Download the form and after completing post it to:

Associations and Charities
Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Locked Bag 100

Pay by credit card or Bpay:

Once we receive your form you will be issued with a Payment Number (PN) so you can make payment using our secure online payment portal.

Pay by cheque or money order:

Attach a cheque or money order made out to “Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety” to the completed form.

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