Co-operative form 24 - Notification of resignation, removal or cessation of an auditor

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CooperativeNot for profit

Should you require assistance with completing this form please contact Charities branch by telephone on 1300 304 074 (within Australia) or email

What do I need to complete an application

To complete the application the following must accompany this form:

  • any other supporting documents if required
  • complete all of the relevant sections of the application form
  • Please complete in BLOCK LETTERS
  • All references to dates should be in DD/MM/YYYY format
  • sign the authorisation / declaration
  • Attach extra pages if needed

Lodging your application

The application fee/s, if applicable, is payable at the time of lodging this application.

The fees and forms page contains further details about:

  • how to lodge your application;
  • relevant fees; and 
  • other co-operatives forms
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Last updated 13 Apr 2021

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