Co-operative form 24 - Notification of resignation, removal or cessation of an auditor

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Should you require assistance with completing this form please contact Charities branch by telephone on 1300 304 074 (within Australia) or email

What do I need to complete an application

To complete the application the following must accompany this form:

  • any other supporting documents if required
  • complete all of the relevant sections of the application form
  • Please complete in BLOCK LETTERS
  • All references to dates should be in DD/MM/YYYY format
  • sign the authorisation / declaration
  • Attach extra pages if needed


This application is subject to fee relief and fees will not be payable on any applications (except for the late lodgement fees). Please refer to our co-operatives fees and forms webpage for further fee waiver information.

Lodging your application

The application fee/s, if applicable, is payable at the time of lodging this application.

The fees and forms page contains further details about:

  • how to lodge your application;
  • relevant fees; and 
  • other co-operatives forms
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Form – notification
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