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Farmers and Consumer Protection

Farmers have Australian Consumer Law (ACL) rights if the good or service is under $100,000*, used mainly for household use (e.g. fridge, washing machine), or is a transport vehicle to be used on public roads (e.g. grain truck).

In Western Australia, farmers and primary producers have the right to ask for assistance from Consumer Protection if they have a dispute with a shop or business. This extra conciliation service available to farmers and primary producers is not available to other businesses. It means farmers who have a consumer issue with a purchase can call Consumer Protection for help even when making a business purchase.

Consumer Protection provides information on consumer laws as well as a free conciliation service to help you resolve your complaint. We also monitor all complaints received and can take direct action against a trader or introduce further regulation in an industry if systemic issues are identified.

ACL applies to goods purchased new or secondhand, leased or hired from a business in Australia. It is important to note that many of the consumer protections do not apply to goods purchased at auction.

For free and independent information or advice on consumer protection issues, contact Consumer Protection by calling 1300 304 054, emailing or visiting the Consumer Protection website.  

*post 1 July 2021 or $40,000 pre 1 July 2021

Consumer Protection
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