Dealer's register and have your say on towing industry regulation - Motor vehicle industry bulletin 3

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Motor industry

31 August 2020

Motor vehicle dealers

Register of vehicles bought and sold

Consumer Protection has recently observed issues with dealer’s registers with infringements being issued to those who have left out important details. 

Dealers must keep a register of all transactions during the time they are licensed, as set out in Form 1 – Register of transactions. The information that needs to be reported includes:

  • Details about the vehicle
  • The name of the registered owner of the vehicle 
  • The name and address of the buyer and seller
  • The bought and sold dates

Refer to Form 1 for full details.

We encourage you to make time to review and update your register now. 

Motor vehicle repairers and dealers 

Accident towing industry regulation – Have your say

On 11 August, 2020 Consumer Protection released a consultation paper on options for regulating WA’s accident towing industry.

We are looking into issues around the behaviour of some tow truck operators and reports of unscrupulous tactics to get business from vulnerable consumers who do not realise they have a right to choose who will tow and/or repair their vehicle and  negotiate fees. Effectively consumers may be coerced into entering into an arrangement without an opportunity to properly consider their options.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection, Lanie Chopping said “there are some tow truck operators who take advantage of the fact that consumers find themselves in a stressful situation and may be suffering from shock, if not serious injury. It is difficult for consumers in this unfortunate situation to make clear decisions about which tow truck operator to use, negotiate towing and storage rates and then decide which repairer they will use." 

The consultation paper explains current concerns about the industry and suggests options for new laws to better protect consumers and provide a level playing field for all involved.

Your feedback will help guide recommendations to the State Government about whether the industry needs to be regulated and the scope of any new laws.

What options are being considered?

Some of the options being considered include:

  • Licensing of businesses and drivers in the accident towing industry
  • Screening of industry workers, such as police checks
  • Caps on fees charged for accident towing and storage of damaged vehicles
  • Banning of spotters’ fees and commissions
  • Better protections and remedies for consumers
  • A complaints resolution service provided by government 
  • Hard penalties for breaking accident towing laws e.g. if tow truck drivers intimidate consumers

Following the consultation period, we will prepare a paper and present this to the Government for consideration.

You can have your say by:

  1. Completing our short five minute survey
  2. Sending an email
  3. Sending us a letter*

Submissions close on Tuesday 22 September 2020

* Send by post to:  

Accident Towing Consultation
Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Consumer Protection Division
Legislation and Policy
Locked Bag 100


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