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About this guide

This guide will help you find assistance when you are in dispute with a business. Your rights when you buy, hire or lease goods, or pay for services, are set out by the Australian Consumer Law. For more information about the law, visit consumerlaw.gov.au.

Consumer Protection

We enforce the Australian Consumer Law in Western Australia. We can:

  • deal with complaints about a business
  • provide information to help you before you buy
  • refer you to other services for assistance, including another state, territory or national consumer agency.

Our areas of responsibilities inlclude:

  • buying, selling or renting a home;
  • consumer rights and fair trading;
  • motor vehicle sales and repairs;
  • charities and associations;
  • product safety;
  • trading hours;
  • scams, including unlicensed traders;
  • occupational licenses, eg. real estate industry, motor vehicle sellers and repairers, employment agents, and debt collectors; and
  • investigating and prosecuting unscrupulous traders.

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Consumer Protection
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