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About this guide

This guide will help you find assistance when you are in dispute with a business. Your rights when you buy, hire or lease goods, or pay for services, are set out by the Australian Consumer Law. This fair trading law applies nationally and in all Australian states and territories from 1 January 2011. For more information about the law, visit consumerlaw.gov.au.

Consumer Protection

We enforce the Australian Consumer Law in Western Australia. We can:

  • deal with complaints about a business
  • provide information to help you before you buy
  • refer you to other services for assistance, including another state, territory or national consumer agency.

We can also help you resolve disputes about:

  • building and renovating
  • buying and selling property
  • debt
  • motor vehicles
  • product safety
  • renting
  • retirement villages
  • shopping
  • scams.

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Consumer Protection
Last updated 11 Oct 2017

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