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The guide helps AssociationsOnline users find and purchase documents.

Finding documents

Begin with a search for an organisation, select the association you are interested in and then click "Order documents".  

To order the documents:

  • Select the document/s you require from the drop down list
  • Click on the Shopping cart icon to add the document/s to your order
  • If you want to purchase additional document relating to another association, click the ‘Continue shopping’ button at the bottom of the screen. 
  • If you wish to obtain a certified copy of a document click in the column titled ‘certified’.

When you have completed your choices, click the ‘Checkout’ button to proceed to the payment screen.

AssociationsOnline find documents
AssociationsOnline find documents, by AssociationsOnline
AssociationsOnline find documents, by AssociationsOnline

Review cart

You can review any documents you have selected before purchasing them.

Your cart will show the:

  • document title 
  • most recent document date;
  • name and association it is linked to;
  • availability of the document to download. Some documents will need to be retrieved from microfiche and will take longer to be sent to you;
  • status of the document; and
  • cost of the document.

You will be able to:

  • remove documents from your cart by selecting the  minus sign (- or trolley icon) in the column titled ‘remove from order’.
  • continue shopping if you have missed a document by clicking the "Continue shopping" button, or
  • proceed to ‘Checkout’ to purchase the documents.
AssociationsOnline Review cart
AssociationsOnline Review cart, by AssociationsOnline
AssociationsOnline Review cart, by AssociationsOnline

Ordering a replacement Certificate of Incorporation 

If you have ordered a replacement Certificate of Incorporation you will need to complete a declaration to certify the following points:

  • the original certificate of incorporation has been damaged or mislaid;
  • you are a duly elected committee member of the association in question; and
  • all the details set out in the application are true and correct.

Once you have completed this declaration you can proceed to the ‘Checkout’ screen by selecting this button.

Checkout - Document payment

This screen is only available if there are items in your shopping cart.

The document payment screen enables you to input:

  • The waiver code (for example, government users do not need to pay a fee for obtaining associations’ documents).
  • Credit card details, expiry date, security code and the amount payable (payment by MasterCard or VISA is accepted).
  • Email address.

You can continue shopping at this point if you have forgotten to add a document.  You can return to this screen via the ‘Checkout’ button.

AssociationsOnline Document payment
AssociationsOnline Document payment, by AssociationsOnline
AssociationsOnline Document payment, by AssociationsOnline


Confirmation and download

Once your payment has been confirmed, you can either

  • Download your payment receipt.
  • Download your documents.
  • Have the documents sent to the email address you have indicated.
  • Have the documents posted to your address (ensure you complete all the mandatory fields of your name and address).

Once you have completed your actions on this screen you can select the ‘Back to my account’ tab at the bottom of the screen. If you logged in you will taken back to the ‘Manage My Account’ dashboard otherwise you will be taken back to the ‘Log In’ screen.

AssociationsOnline Doc confirmed
AssociationsOnline Doc confirmed, by AssociationsOnline
AssociationsOnline Doc confirmed, by AssociationsOnline



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