Form RP1B Termination notice: Non-payment of rent (no default issued)

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Caravan / residential park operator

This form is to be used for a residential parks long-stay tenancy.

A park operator / managing real estate agent may issue this notice if a tenant has not paid rent in accordance with a long-stay agreement AND the park operator / managing real estate agent has NOT given a default notice to the tenant in relation to that breach.

A termination notice must specify the day on which the long-stay tenant must vacate the agreed premises. This must be at least seven days after the termination notice is served to the tenant.

This notice can require vacant possession of the agreed premises a day earlier than the last day of:

  • the fixed term of a fixed-term tenancy; or
  • a period of a periodic tenancy,

as the case may be.

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Last updated 31 Jan 2022

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