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Funeral directors can help you organise a funeral service. They must be transparent with their pricing, must not make incorrect or misleading statements and they must not offer unfair contract terms or engage in unfair market power.

Consumer Protection has developed guidance materials to assist you organising a funeral service.

Please note: This is not an exhaustive list and has been produced for guidance only.

If you do not want to use a funeral director to organise the funeral, you can apply for a Single Funeral Permit. For further information, please check Metropolitan Cemetery Board (MCB).


Tick once completed

Does the deceased have funeral insurance or a pre-paid funeral?


Has a pre-paid burial plot been organised?


Check the deceased person’s will if they have any funeral preferences.


Does the deceased person have funds available in their bank account that could pay for the funeral?

Contact the bank to find out if the funds can be accessed to pay for the funeral.


Was the deceased person a returned service person or did they belong to a club, pensioner association or a trade union that may entitle them to a payment that could help pay for the funeral?


Do you or did the deceased person receive Centrelink payments?

If so, check if there is bereavement payment/allowance available.


Seek quotes from at least three funeral companies. Funeral directors are legally required to provide you with an itemised price list within two business days of request.


When choosing your funeral company, are you satisfied they offered enough information about your
options and were prepared to listen to your requirements?


Once you have a chosen a funeral company, contact the funeral director to organise a funeral.


Check the minimum legal requirements and discuss additional options if you wish them to be included.  

There are minimum legal requirements when organising a funeral service that must happen and a funeral director can help you with these. The minimum legal requirements include:

  • Obtaining a death certificate;
  • Choosing between a burial or cremation service;
    • If choosing a burial service, there will be a burial fee; or
    • If choosing a cremation service, there will be cremation and permit fees
  • Purchasing either a coffin, casket or shroud;
  • Choosing transportation of deceased body; and
  • Choosing mortuary care (storage, care and preparation of the deceased body prior to burial or cremation).


Once you have decided on your funeral requirements, request an itemised quote with a total amount payable with GST included, in writing.


Carefully read the itemised quote and ask questions if you are unsure about anything listed. If you are happy to proceed, accept the quote and sign the agreement.

Note: Do not let the funeral directors rush you into making a decision. Carefully read the agreement. You are encouraged to ask questions or let a family member or a friend read over the agreement
for you.


Keep a copy of the agreement and tax invoices.


Raise any issues with the funeral director as soon as possible.



If you have a complaint with a funeral director and cannot resolve it directly with them, you can contact MCB by
phoning 1300 793 109 or email at
When contacting MCB, have the following information ready:
  • The name of the deceased, the date of funeral, the name of the administrator;
  • The date, time, location, manner of the issue of complaint (i.e. in person, at funeral, over the phone, etc.);
  • Exactly what happened and why you wish to make a complaint; and
  • What resolution you may be after.
If your complaint is still not resolved with the funeral director, you may then contact the Consumer Protection either by
calling on 1300 30 40 54, or via email at
Consumer Protection
Last updated 12 May 2023

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