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This checklist will help you comply with the funeral pricing code about displaying and informing consumers about your services, prices and packages. Further information is available on the Funeral Pricing Code page and funeral price list template page.

Please note: This is checklist should be used in conjunction with the Fair Trading (Funeral Pricing Code of Practice) Regulations 2022 (WA). Please note other laws apply such as the Australian Consumer Law, and the Fair Trading (Prepaid Funerals Code of Practice) Regulations 2020 (WA).

Funeral Pricing Code Compliance Checklist

What is on the pricing list

All products and services offered (see price list on next page for details).


Cheapest available basic package.


Reasonable estimate of disbursements:

  • Cost of obtaining death certificate
  • Cost of obtaining a certificate or permit required by law in relation to a body eg. a permit to cremate a body under the Cremations Act 1929.
  • Cemetery or crematorium fees for a burial or cremation of a body. While this price can vary, you should still list an estimate based on the facility or facilities you most commonly use. For burials, the estimate should be based on the interment cost.





Clear headings, labels and links for pricing information.

Easy to read font sizes and colours for links and pricing information.



Other funeral information

The location of the mortuary or crematorium you use. If you do not own or manage the facility, you must state the name of the facility’s owner or manager.


How you transport a body prior to burial or cremation.


Where is the pricing list shown

A brochure or sign in reception at ALL business locations.


Business website home page or clearly identified on website menu.

Note: Consumer should not have to click or scroll through several pages to find the pricing information.

All pricing information is located on the same webpage and should not be ‘hidden’ under more generic headings, such as “FAQs” or “Other” information webpages.


Response to request

Provided within two business days from a consumer request, or before entering an agreement.

Note: Price list can be sent via email or post. Timeframe can be negotiated with consumer if required. 



Service agreement
Funeral service agreement must include
Itemised prices of all goods and services to be supplied.
No goods or services can be bundled
The exact costs of itemised disbursements.  
The total cost payable, with GST included.  


List of items on price list
Price list items
Your itemised price list must include all services and products you offer. If you do not provide the service, you do not have to include a price.  
Transport of a body prior to burial or cremation. 
This can be a flat rate or a rate per kilometre. If you charge different rates for weekdays, weekends or evenings, you will need to state each rate.
Storage of a body at a mortuary or holding room. 
State as a single price, however you can use an explanatory note to advise if further costs apply if a body is held for more than a set number of days.
Hire of a refrigeration plate.   
Cost of each type of coffin, casket or shroud supplied, or the price range of all coffins, caskets or shrouds supplied.  
Care and preparation of a body prior to burial or cremation.
Does not include storage as it must be itemised separately.
Embalming is also not considered to be part of this item, again this must be priced separately.
Viewing of a body before burial or cremation.
You may also list a price for outside of hours viewing and viewing at an alternative location.
Arrangement and conduct of a funeral service (including venue hire).  
Burial or cremation of a body.
These must be on your itemised price list if you perform these services at a premises you own.
If you do not own a cemetery or crematorium, list the price in disbursements. 
The most basic package available to consumers.
The price of the minimum essential combination of goods and services provided for the end-to-end provisions of cremating or interring a body, whether or not you provide these goods and services. The package must list the goods and services included.



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