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The  Funeral Pricing Code of Practice (Funeral Pricing Code) applies to all funeral directors who supply funeral goods and services in WA. The following will help you understand the Code and how it applies to you.

View a copy of the Funeral Pricing Code Gazette 160 of 2022 (

Am I a funeral director?

A funeral director is a person who provides funeral goods and services in connection to providing a funeral. This includes organising funeral and death notices, and mortuaries facilities and/or services; supplying coffins, caskets or urns, memorials, transportation of deceased body and guests; granting a right of burial; carrying out a funeral service; and arranging the collection, transport, storage, preparation or embalming of bodies for the purposes of the burial or cremation of bodies.

What does the Funeral Pricing Code require me to do?

You must:

  • prominently display ‘funeral information’ for goods and services you supply, on your website and at your place of business - including the price of a basic funeral package;
  • provide this information to consumers if they request it, within two business days; and
  • provide itemised fees for all goods and services supplied under a funeral agreement, including the total cost of the funeral, before entering into the agreement.

What does ‘funeral information’ mean?

Funeral information, in relation to the supply of goods and services by a funeral director for burials and cremations, means the following:

  • the price of each of the following:
    • the transport of the body prior to burial or cremation;
    • the storage of the body at a mortuary or holding room;
    • the hire of a refrigeration plate;
    • each type of coffin, casket or shroud supplied (or the price range of all coffins, caskets or shrouds supplied);
    • the care and preparation of the body prior to burial or cremation;
    • viewing of the body prior to burial or cremation;
    • the arrangement and conduct of a funeral service (including hire of the venue);
    • the burial or cremation of the body;
  • the location of the mortuary or crematorium used by the funeral director;
  • if the funeral director uses a mortuary or crematorium that is not owned or managed by the funeral director, the name of the owner or manager;
  • a reasonable estimate of the following disbursements –
    • the cost of obtaining a death certificate;
    • the cost of obtaining any other certificate or permit required under the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1998, the Cremation Act 1929, the Public Health Act 2016 or any other written law, in relation to the body;
    • any fee charged by a cemetery or crematorium for a burial or cremation;
  • an estimate of the price of the basic package for a burial and for a cremation arranged by the funeral director, and a list of the goods and services constituting the package;
  • how a body is transported prior to burial or cremation.

Do I have to do this now?

The commencement date of the Funeral Pricing Code is 1 May 2023, however you are encouraged to voluntarily start publishing your prices as soon as you are able to.

Can I seek an exemption from application of the Funeral Pricing Code?

No. The Funeral Pricing Code applies equally to all funeral directors operating in WA.

Where can I find the Funeral Pricing Code?

A copy of the Funeral Pricing Code can be found on the WA Legislation website.

Is anything available to assist me to comply with the Funeral Pricing Code?

Detailed regulator guidance materials, including a pricing template, will be available online by the end of the year. To ensure you receive this update subscribe to our industry database by emailing us.

I am interested in learning more about the Funeral Pricing Code consultation.

Further information about the consultation is available from Funeral pricing code consultation page.

Consumer Protection has also produced a consultation summary report and a policy response to industry feedback.


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