Gas space heater servicing checklist

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Australian Standard AS 4575 2019 Gas Appliances – Servicing of Type A Appliances specifies requirements and standards for Type A gas appliance servicing and is recommended as a servicing guide.  Any open-flued appliance spillage test is to be carried out in accordance with the current version of AS/NZS 5601.1.

Servicing gas fitters:

  • Must be an appropriately qualified gas fitter (with servicing endorsement).
  • Must also hold an electrical workers licence to carry out any electrical work.
  • Must ensure the worksite is safe. Carry out a Job Risk Analysis (JRA) and only proceed if safe to do so.
  • Should follow an all-inclusive and thorough process when servicing gas space heaters.
  • As part of overall servicing, include and follow the appliance manufacturer’s servicing instructions (where available).
  • Are required to ensure any replacement components are those nominated by the manufacturer or manufacturer’s agent.
  • For open-flued gas space heaters, the overall servicing must include installation compliance verification (location, air supply for appliances, flue installation, etc.), flue function test and spillage test.
  • For flue-less gas space heaters the overall service must include installation compliance verification ensuring the room where the heater is installed has the required, unrestricted high and low ventilation.
  • Upon completion of the servicing process:
    • are encouraged to provide the customer with a copy of a service checklist; and
    • are required by the Regulations to attach an appropriately detailed service label to the appliance.

To assist gas fitters, Building and Energy have developed a check-sheet as a guide and may be used when servicing gas space heaters.
The check-sheet should not be deemed as comprehensive in every instance. 


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Last updated 27 Aug 2021

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