General Inspection (Snapshot) Report six – Waterproofing wet areas

Building and Energy undertook a snapshot general inspection into waterproofing systems in wet areas in. The outcome of this is presented in GIR6.

The objective of GIR6 was to determine if waterproofing of wet areas in new residential buildings is adequately meeting the applicable building standards. The key areas of interest in GIR6 were:

  • Does building approval documentation adequately demonstrate how the wet area waterproofing will comply with the applicable building standards?
  • Does the constructed building adequately meet the wet area waterproofing requirements nominated in the approval?
  • Which aspects of waterproofing wet areas meet the requirements and which aspects need to be improved?
  • What are the most common problems experienced by occupants regarding waterproofing in wet areas?
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Last updated 13 Dec 2021

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