Guide - Health and safety representative (HSR) refresher training course requirements

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The purpose of this guide is to provide Approved training providers with the information necessary to gain approval to deliver HSR refresher training.

General requirements

Applicants must be training providers already approved by the Commission as an approved provider of HSR training. Information about becoming an approved provider can be found in the publication Operating as an approved provider of health and safety representative (HSR)
training in Western Australia: guide
. All of the general requirements outlined in that publication also apply in the delivery of HSR refresher training.

HSR refresher training can only be delivered by a nominated trainer that has been approved by the Commission.

Approval for an HSR refresher training course lasts for three years. Within three months of the end of an approval period an approved training provider may apply for renewal of its HSR refresher training course approval. The renewal process is the same as the original approval

The Commission reserves the right to suspend or cancel an approved training provider’s authority to deliver an HSR refresher training course at any time, at its discretion. Any decision to do so will occur after due consideration, and in accordance with the principles of due
process and natural justice.

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Last updated 15 Dec 2022

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