Guidelines for approval of Type B gas appliances

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Guidelines for the approval of Type B (industrial) gas appliances in Western Australia

These guidelines have been developed and issued by the Director of Energy Safety, Building and Energy Division of the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Western Australia.

The guidelines assist members of the gas industry by providing information on:

  • how to obtain approval for installing and operating Type B appliances;
  • the roles of industry participants in having a Type B appliance approved; and
  • the Regulatory requirements to approve Type B appliances in Western Australia.

If any part of these guidelines is found to be in conflict with legislation, the legislation takes precedence.

Any enquiries or comments in relation to the guidelines can be addressed to:

Principal Engineer Gas Utilisation
Building and Energy
303 Sevenoaks Street
Cannington WA 6107



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Last updated 04 Dec 2023

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