Guidelines for the safe management of private power poles and lines

There are risks and potentially significant consequences of electrical or structural failure of private power poles and lines, including power interruptions, electrocution and fires. These risks and consequences can be mitigated through the proper selection of equipment and regular inspection and maintenance.

It is the property owner’s legal responsibility (duty of care) under common law to install and maintain private power poles and lines so they do not pose a safety risk to the property occupants, adjacent properties and their occupants or the wider community. All activities which constitute electrical work must be carried out by licensed electrical contractors.

These guidelines are issued by the Director of Energy Safety under Section 33AA of the Electricity Act 1945 (WA), to assist property owners and electrical contractors in the selection, installation and safe management of private overhead power lines and poles. They provide the recommended technical requirements and practices for the safe management of privately owned power poles and lines, including their construction, repair and maintenance

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Last updated 09 May 2023

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