Having gasfitting work done?

Make sure you use a licensed gas fitter whenever you have gasfitting work done.

Is your gasfitter licensed?

Make sure you use a licensed gas fitter whenever you have gasfitting work done.

In Western Australia, the law requires that all gasfitting work is carried out by a person who holds a gasfitting licence issued by Building and Energy. Unlicensed gasfitting work is prohibited due to the risks to public safety.

It is important that you check that the person carrying out the work holds the necessary licences.

Safeguards to the community

Only licensed gas fitters meet the required competency standards. These include appropriate competencies in work practices, equipment and installation.

To ensure the safety of the general public, an enforcement process exists to guarantee that only those who are competent maintain their licences.

Non-compliant and/or unauthorised gasfitting work can jeopardise your safety, that of your family and the broader community. Consumers are also advised that where unauthorised gasfitting work has occurred, insurance claims may be refused.

Make sure you receive a copy of the Notice of Completion - it's your guarantee that the work is safe and complies with the regulations

When any gasfitting work other than servicing is carried out, the gas fitter responsible must provide a copy of the Notice of Completion (NOC) to the customer and a copy to the relevant gas supplier within 48 hours of completion of the work.

The NOC is your guarantee that the gasfitting work they have carried out is safe and complies with applicable safety standards. It is strongly recommended that you keep the NOC in a safe place with other important records.

If you do not receive an NOC within 48 hours, please contact your gas fitter to request one. If for some reason it is not provided immediately, please notify your gas supplier or Building and Energy.

The gas fitter is required to affix a Compliance Badge to the gas installation, except for installations connected to a reticulated natural gas network where the gas fitter is utilising the electronic NOC. In the case of a metered gas supply the badge is affixed in the gas meter box. For an LP Gas cylinder supplied installation, this badge is affixed adjacent to the cylinder pressure regulator. This badge serves as a permanent visual record for the customer when gasfitting work has been undertaken and provides details of the work and who performed it.

The gas supplier's obligations

The gas supplier may be required to inspect the gas installation to ensure that it complies with requirements. These inspections are carried out by competent persons who will ensure that the installation meets requirements and where it is not compliant, it will be rectified by the gas fitter.

It is the consumer’s obligation to permit such an inspection by the gas supplier if requested.

How do I find out is a gas fitter holds a current licence?

Consumers having gasfitting work done are entitled to request to see the gas fitter’s licence. A gas fitter's licence is about the size of a credit card, yellow in colour, and lists:

  • the type of work the gas fitter is authorised to do;
  • the licence number (beginning with the prefix 'GF'); and
  • the licence expiry date.

If you would like further clarification or confirmation of a gas fitter’s licence status, please contact Building and Energy's Licensing Office by phone on 6251 2000; or check online.

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