Help and advice for landlords: Landlords bulletin issue 1 (March 2017)

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23 March 2017

July 2020: Please note the iRentWA app is no longer supported. The Renting a home section of this website continues to be WA consumers’ go-to place for all renting information. 

Welcome and thank you for subscribing to the landlord’s bulletin. Consumer Protection has recognised the potential demand for a subscription information service for landlords after recently reviewing the nature of received customer enquiries.  Many of these were from landlords with common problems, issues and questions; with callers seeking clarification of the correct processes in managing their rental properties.

This first edition includes matters you may already be familiar with, but it may help you to easily locate available information resources and to check you are correctly using the right forms and processes, as these do change over time.

There are many useful resources and publications currently available for landlords on Consumer Protection’s website.  You may wish to save the landlord’s section as a favourite or as a shortcut.

This website provides links to the legislation that governs renting in WA, being the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 and the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989.  While there is no substitute for making sure you are aware of the law, our publication Renting out a property – a lessor’s guide will provide you with a good working knowledge of your rights and responsibilities as a lessor of a residential rental property. 

You may also wish to let your tenants know about Renting a home in Western Australia – a tenant’s guide and the iRentWA app, so they can make themselves familiar with their obligations and rights.

Electronic communications are now commonplace between tenants and landlords.  If you are not already aware, the prescribed tenancy agreement changed in late 2015 to allow for the electronic service of notices.  Be aware of what is stated in the tenancy agreement in relation to the service of notices; if matters end up in court some notices may be deemed invalid if they are not served correctly.  More information is available on the using rental notices webpage.

We look forward to providing you with regular bulletins to provide updates and information that affect you and your investment.  These will focus on you and your tenant, as well as you and your property manager where you have your property professionally managed by a licensed real estate agent.

If you do have any specific questions and require our assistance please contact Consumer Protection by email or by calling 1300 304 054.

An archive of Landlord Bulletins will be available from Consumer Protection’s Landlord webpage for your future reference.


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