Home safety for baby takeaway tips

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To keep your baby safe, please follow our tips:

Curtains and blinds:

  • Cords are secured with tensioners or wall cleats
  • Cords have no loops 1.6 m or less from the floor
  • Cots, furniture and climbable items are situated away from any cords, including electrical cords

Safe sleeping:

  • Cot complies with the current mandatory standard*
  • Mattress is tight fitting and firm
  • No items like toys, pillows or loose blankets are in the cot
  • Cot wheels are locked into place
  • No padded cot bumpers

Button batteries:

  • Items with button batteries are out of sight and reach of children
  • Battery compartments can’t be opened by a child, even with rough play

Falling furniture:

  • All potentially hazardous furniture is secured with straps, angle braces or anchors
  • TVs are secured to the wall or TV cabinets using specially designed safety fasteners


  • Toys don’t have small parts that a child can pull off and inhale, ingest or insert
  • Babies and toddlers can’t access toys for older children

Car seats:

  • Car seat is age and height appropriate
  • Car seat has been fitted correctly
  • Car seat was made within the last 10 years and hasn’t been in a crash

Pools and spas:

  • Pool or spa deeper than 30 cm is fenced off
  • Gate closes properly from any position
  • Children taught not to swim or bathe without an adult present


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