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Consumer Protection can help you with a wide range of issues you may face because of a crisis. You will find contact details for Consumer Protection at the bottom of this factsheet.

Insurance, banking and financial hardship

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) can help you with advice about insurance, loans, banking and other financial matters. 

Banks, building societies and credit unions have financial hardship arrangements available for people affected by this crisis and most have dedicated hotlines. 

If you have insurance, your insurer will have a copy of your policy. Contact them to find out what is covered and to lodge a claim, before you start any major repairs.


Consumer Protection can provide advice to tenants and landlords on rental issues including:

Rebuilding and repairs

Consumer Protection can help with advice for property owners on:

Business recovery

ASIC may be able to assist if your business is finding it difficult to meet company obligations due to this crisis. 

ASIC can review late lodgement and late payment fees incurred because of matters outside your control, and may be able to help you get documents and information from its registers. 

Your state or territory consumer protection agency may be able to assist with licences and other records for businesses in industries it regulates. 

Concerns about price rip-offs

If you are concerned about excessive price increases at this time, ask the trader to explain why the price is high.

If you are not satisfied with the response or suspect the price has been inflated unnecessarily, seek alternative quotes before proceeding. 

Selling or buying property 

Consumer Protection can help if you were engaged in a property transaction during this time, and give information to help if you want to sell your property or land, engage a real estate agent, or buy a home.

Vehicle repairs and sales 

Consumer Protection can assist with advice to help you get repairs, sell your vehicle or buy one.

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Last updated 05 Mar 2020

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