Illegal drug activity in homes - Residential parks bulletin issue 9

30 July 2019

New! Information and resources regarding illegal drug activity in homes

Residential illegal drug activity is cause for concern for tenants, owners, property managers and real estate agents alike due to potential health and safety risks to occupants. Illegal drug activity in homes, including clandestine laboratories (clan labs), cannabis grow houses, and smoke houses, can contribute to damage or contamination from drug or chemical residues.

Park operators have a responsibility to ensure their on-site long-stay rental properties are safe and clean for future occupants. You may choose to adopt a precautionary cleaning regime for all new tenancies as a routine measure. 

If you believe or suspect that there has been a clan lab or smoke house in an on-site long-stay rental, you are required to undertake the necessary cleaning before leasing. Should tenants become ill from the effects of a clan lab, they may lodge a claim for compensatory damages.

The Department of Health guide, Illegal Drug Activity in Homes: Managing Risk  A Guide for Occupants, Landlords, Property Managers and Agents, helps you identify and manage illegal drug contamination in residential properties in order to reduce the risk of exposure to occupants. It’s a great addition to your resource kit!


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Last updated 30 Jul 2019

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