Important information regarding High Risk Work Licences

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WorkSafe has recently been alerted to High Risk Work Licences being electronically scanned and altered to include additional classes of high risk work. The scanned and altered copies were then sent as an email attachment to prospective employers. 

What should employers and persons in control of a workplace do?

When selecting a person to do work that requires a High Risk Work Licence, you should consider your duties under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 by:

  1. Satisfying yourself that the worker has the experience claimed; and
  2. Ensuring you always sight the High Risk Work Licence card. 

If you have concerns about the High Risk Work Licence, the details can be verified using the WorkSafe licence and registration search.

Should you continue to have concerns about the validity of the High Risk Work Licence, the WorkSafe Customer Help Centre can be contacted on 1300 30 78 77.

Cases of fraud in relation to High Risk Work Licences will be referred to WA Police. 

Last updated 26 Mar 2015

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