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Building and Energy has announced preliminary findings from its investigation into water leaks in Perth homes from a particular brand of polybutylene pipe. The investigation focused on identifying the cause of failure of Pro-fit polybutylene pipes made by Iplex Australia. Most water leaks occurred in pipes manufactured between mid-2017 and mid-2022.

Read the full update here: Plumbing pipe investigation update

To assist in obtaining accurate information, an online register has been set up for consumers to report an issue or concern.

If you have had, or think you may have had, polybutylene plumbing pipes installed in your home in the past six years, even if you have not had any plumbing issues, you are encouraged to register your details here.

Building and Energy provides dispute resolution services for building relating matters which enables any person adversely affected by the carrying out of a regulated building service to make a complaint to the Building Commissioner. By registering your details, you have not submitted a complaint.

Any further updates on the investigation will also be published on this webpage.

What kind of homes are impacted?

At this stage, the leaks appear to mostly affect residential homes built by certain builders in WA in 2019 or 2020, containing Pro-fit pipes manufactured by Iplex Australia between mid-2017 to mid-2022.

What should homeowners do if they suspect they have this problem?

In the first instance, if you have concerns about your plumbing pipes, contact your builder.

If you are renting the property, please contact your landlord or property manager.

What are the warning signs of a burst plumbing pipe?

The experience is different for each home, but leaks from burst plumbing pipes can be detected visually (with water staining appearing on walls, ceilings and floors) or from the sound of water leaking. In some cases you may notice an unexplained increase in your water use on your bill.

What is the model/brand of defective plumbing pipe, and who manufactures it?

The leaks identified so far are principally from Pro-fit pipes manufactured by Iplex Australia between mid-2017 to mid-2022.

Is the builder required to replace all the piping that was installed at the time as well as those that have failed? 

Builders are not required to replace all of the polybutylene plumbing pipe, but this may change depending on the findings of the investigation.

How is Building and Energy investigating the matter?

Building and Energy’s investigation is focused on determining whether this is a product manufacturing issue, substandard workmanship at the time of installation, or a combination of both. The investigation is also examining whether climatic or other conditions in Western Australia are contributing factors. 

When should a homeowner lodge a building service complaint with Building and Energy?

Anyone who has experienced a burst pipe within six years of the practical completion of their home should contact their builder in the first instance.

We understand builders are addressing the issue but if the builder is non-responsive you should consider lodging a building service complaint with Building and Energy. Information, including an explanatory video, on the dispute resolution process is available here.

What are the next steps?

Building and Energy will continue to progress the investigation and any updates will be published on the webpage.

Who can homeowners call for more information?

Building and Energy – 1300 489 099


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