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The mine safety management system (MSMS) for a mine must contain a level of detail that is appropriate to the mine having regard to the nature, complexity and location of the mining operations, and the risks associated with those operations. The MSMS must be set out and expressed in a way that is readily understandable by any person who uses it. The minimum requirements are listed below, grouped into key aspects of the management system.

Structure and planning

  • The mine operator’s health and safety policy and a brief description of the mining operations at the mine. 
  • The management and supervisory structure for the management of work health and safety, including:
    • the arrangements for filling temporary and permanent vacancies 
    • requirements relating to acting positions in the structure 
    • requirements for positions relating to competency 
    • certification and assessment records and details 
    • responsibilities of persons appointed to a statutory position or performing statutory, management or supervisory functions. 
  • The arrangements in place for consultation, cooperation and the coordination of activities between PCBU’s in relation to compliance with their duties under the WHS legislation. 
  • Arrangements in place for the supervision needed to protect workers from risks to their health and safety from work carried out at the mine, including the type, frequency and method of supervision. 
  • The resources that will be applied for the effective implementation, use and review of the MSMS.

Hazard management

  • Details of identified hazards. 
  • The control measures considered in managing risks and which of those measures are implemented, including the details of any design principles, engineering standards and technical standards to be relied on for control measures. 
  • The systems, procedures, plans and other control measures that will be used to control risks. 
  • The principal mining hazard management plan for each principal mining hazard at the mine. 
  • Approved radiation management plan and radioactive waste management plan for the mine, if applicable. 
  • The ventilation control plan and ventilation plan, if the mine is an underground mine. 
  • Emergency plan prepared for the mine. 
  • Health management plan. 
  • The control measures that will be used to control risks associated with the contractor’s work at the mine, if applicable. This must detail: 
    • how a contractor will be covered under the MSMS or, if the contractor prepares its own health and safety management plan, it will be integrated with the MSMS for the mine
    • the process for assessing health and safety policies and procedures (including competency requirements) of the contractor 
    • the arrangements for monitoring and evaluating compliance by the contractor with health and safety requirements. 
  • The procedures and conditions under which persons at the mine or a part of the mine are to be withdrawn to a place of safety.

Supporting processes

  • The arrangements for the selection and use of suitable methods of hazard identification and risk assessment. 
  • The arrangements for the provision of information, training and instruction. 
  • The induction procedures for workers at the mine. 
  • The procedures for responding to, and investigating, notifiable incidents and reportable incidents at the mine. 
  • The arrangements in place for the effective communication of relevant information across shifts by workers, their supervisors and other relevant persons. 
  • The procedures for records management for the mine to ensure compliance with the WHS legislation. 
  • The process to update the MSMS to consider changes to the mine or the operation.


  • The arrangements in place for all other monitoring and assessment and regular inspection of the work environment of the mine. 
  • The MSMS for a mine must include performance standards for measuring the effectiveness of all aspects of the MSMS. 
  • Provisions for undertaking reviews of the system as required. These include reviewing relevant parts of the system following an incident, audit, operational change or new identified hazard, as well as a 3 yearly review of the whole system.
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