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July 2020: Please note the iRentWA app is no longer supported. The Renting a home section of this website continues to be WA consumers’ go-to place for all renting information. 

Consumer laws protect you when you rent a home in Western Australia. Rental property owners, agents, property managers, social housing providers and even head tenants are all 'lessors' but in the iRentWA app we just use the word 'landlords'. The iRentWA app will help you understand your rights but you may need to get further advice for your personal situation.

Your privacy

We do not collect or record personal or location information generated by the iRentWA app unless you send it us in Feedback.

If you do send it to us, we will not disclose your contact details to any other party unless you authorise us to do so.

Further information

Further information about our app is available on the iRentWA App page, or by contacting Consumer Protection on 1300 304 054 or email:

Consumer Protection
Last updated 22 Jul 2020

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