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January 2019

July 2020: Please note the iRentWA app is no longer supported. The Renting a home section of this website continues to be WA consumers’ go-to place for all renting information. 

Consumer Protection’s app for renters is now available in Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Vietnamese, Italian and Korean.

With the introduction of the new language translations, more users can now take advantage of the tools and information the app provides.

iRentWA is a one stop shop for tenants, with easy access to information about their rights and responsibilities and a suite of tools for setting reminders, storing documents and more.  The app can also be a useful reference for landlords.

Users can easily calculate the maximum amount they might have to pay a landlord before moving in; save photos of the mandatory property condition reports, rental receipts and things needing repair; and set reminders for paying rent, routine inspections and giving proper notice before moving out.

Help us spread the word by letting your tenants know about iRentWA. The app not only informs users of their rights but helps them to keep good habits as well. By reminding tenants to take photos at the start and end of the tenancy there is far less chance of disputes over the return of the bond taking place.

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Last updated 17 Jul 2020

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