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To be issued a Gasfitting Permit in Western Australia, a person must be able to demonstrate various requirements to the Director of Energy Safety, one of which includes demonstrating practical skills to carry out gasfitting work.

From January 2018, it is an Building and Energy licensing requirement that, a person who wishes to obtain a Class G Gasfitting Permit, enabling them to certify (submit notices of completion or eNotices) or to be able to supervise gasfitting work, the person is required to demonstrate that they have completed a minimum of 250 hours of relevant on-the-job training.

This minimum on-the-job training requirement is to ensure that trainees (including apprentices) who have completed training, have had the opportunity to learn relevant gasfitting skills, in the workplace rather than rely on training based on a simulated work environment at TAFE or at a private training institution.

Details of the various tasks and requirements that are required to be completed by the trainee can be found on our website, which includes a downloadable On-The-Job Training Record Log Book for recording the various tasks that have been completed.

A copy of a NOC/NOI or an eNotice number will provide most of the information required and the record of work must be recorded on either an electronic tracking system or in a paper based Training Record Book as appropriate.

For transition arrangements for apprentices who commenced their apprenticeship contract prior to 01 January 2018, please refer to the appropriate On-The-Job Record Training Log Book on our website (page 16 – Table 2). Those apprentices that are completing a minimum hours as per the table below should check that the tasks completed cover the tasks defined on pages 17-20. Should you have questions relating to this requirement please contact the Building and Energy Gas Inspection Branch as per the contact details below.

Apprenticeship contract signed Minimum hours
Between 1 July 2017 and 31 December 2017 125 hours
Between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017 50 hours
Prior to 30 June 2016 18 hours (approx)


Should the trainee be unable to complete the required on-the-job training component prior to completing their apprenticeship or training, the trainee will be able to obtain a permit enabling them to continue to work under supervision as a tradesperson.

For further information on the requirements contact Building and Energy Gas Inspection Branch on (08) 6251 1900.

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