Kick start 2017 by getting your CPD points early!: Settlement agents bulletin issue 64 (February 2017)

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8 February 2017

Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) is a legal requirement for all licensed settlement agents. Failure to complete your CPD requirements could result in your triennial certificate not being renewed.

Consumer Protection’s website provides detailed information about the CPD program for licensed settlement agents. The program provided by our contracted trainers is of a very high quality, with approximately 90% of attendees surveyed in 2016 finding the content of sessions to be relevant and the presenters to be both professional and knowledgeable.

Core and prescribed elective subjects for 2017

Strata Titles and Sale of Land Act Reforms

Licensed agents will receive a core CPD training session on managing risk in relation to changing legislation; specifically amendments to the Sale of Land Act 1970 (which take effect 3 April 2017) and new legislation to capture capital gains tax payable by foreign owners when they sell property in Australia. A risk management framework will be used to explore the impact of new legislation on managing risk in agency practice.

Licensed settlement agents will also participate in CPD training on proposed reform to the Strata Titles Act 1985. The reforms aim to provide more flexible and sustainable housing options to benefit developers, strata owners, investors, residents and tenants. Landgate aims to introduce the strata reform Bill to Parliament in 2017.

Overview of Landgate document preparation

This session intends to cover some of the more complex documents and situations that arise in conveyancing practice with particular focus on the Landgate requirements.  Whilst there is a move towards electronic conveyancing, there are a number of complex documents that may not immediately be available to be transacted through electronic means.  As the categories of documents and transactions captured by electronic conveyancing expand there will be a need for conveyancers to be aware of the document requirements to ensure a smoother transition to using the electronic versions.

Newly licensed settlement agents must complete a CPD session on the ‘Reconciliation of Trust Accounts’ within the first 6 months of obtaining a licence. Several sessions will be on offer throughout 2017. Further details on the core and prescribed elective CPD activities approved for 2017 are available on the Commerce website.

Other approved elective activities

RevenueWA has received approval to deliver the following CPD activities for two (2) elective CPD points each:

  • Deceased Estate Transactions and Transfer Duty.
  • Transfer Duty Overview.
  • Using Revenue Online (Online Duties).
  • The First Home Owners Grant for Professionals and Land Tax Overview.

The Australian Institute of Conveyancers (WA Chapter) (AICWA) is under contract to deliver CPD activities to the settlement industry in 2017. The AICWA can be contacted directly for bookings and the first sessions are scheduled for 22 February 2017.

Distance learning packages will also be available in 2017 for those in remote locations who are unable to attend face-to-face CPD activities.

Bookings can be made by contacting:

Please do not contact Consumer Protection to make bookings.

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